Monday, 29 April 2013

It ' s just a CHAPTER in the PAST . OPEN the NEW one !

Annyeong ! Assalamualaikum !

Setiap insan mempunyai pengalaman dia tersendiri . 
(ecececece skema giler ayat kan ) .
ok sambung .
pengalaman setiap orang itu berbeza . so no need to talk much about experiences I think. It's different for each person . really different .
well ,pengalaman tue sendiri gives us very big effect sebenarnye . for everytime it's happened . 
maybe from that experience , we get more stronger , more independent or more brave than before . 
otherwise , from that experiences , we can be hurt , deeply too .and maybe got scared . scared becoz dont want it to be happen again .

well , when we talk about experience , you just can't talk about it as you know how it is .
you will never know it until u face it . 
you can't get it just by look or heard from other .
you have to feel it .
or you know nothing !

hurmm now I have a little bit circumferences in my frenship . that's experience too right ?
owh wae ? 
hurmm biasa lah . sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit , inikan kita manusia kan . but honestly it's hurt me . bcoz I do really loves them . 
hurrmmm we still LOVE ourselves even after doing MANY MISTAKE , then how can we HATE others for their SINGLE MISTAKE kan?

# kamu paling KUAT andai kamu bisa MEMAAFKAN meskipun kamu mampu MEMBALASNYA :D . so , forget it kema n try to get back like before . INSYA-ALLAH ! #

tapi kan I'm not that strong . I'm not strong as I thought . and I'm crying again . kakak kate ,
"xpe syg , nges je . that's ur way . u will cry , u will down today , but then , u will stand up and walk straight again . I know it already . U will never let urself down forever . u will stand up and get stronger whatever happen . I know that n U should too ."
# thanks kakak . saranghae #

sejujurnya ,
I want to be strong .
saya nak jadi TAHAN LASAK / KENTAL!
 macam DIAMOND . 
# Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do. #

one more thing !
sekarang ni hati kema xnak langsung dgr ckp kema tau !
ish DEGIL !
I tell to not do that , but it don't want to hear me n still do it !
without my permission !
hahahahahhaha !

tetibe ter'pop up ' satu soklan ney .
what will u do if u and ur bestfren like the same person ?
what will u do ?
hurmm I step back until he become mine !
sebab kite xtau apa dalam hati dia kan .
kita xtau ape yang dia rse kan .
and xconfirm pown he's mine kan .
so , just keep it first .
until the times comes .
but honestly I dont want to loss the great person like him .
hehehehehehe .

when you stop searching the PRINCE of your heart and make ALLAH as the king of your heart . Surely, HE will complete your FAIRYTALE . 

# is BOYS OVER FLOWER really exist in this REAL world ? :D #

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