Monday, 29 April 2013

It ' s just a CHAPTER in the PAST . OPEN the NEW one !

Annyeong ! Assalamualaikum !

Setiap insan mempunyai pengalaman dia tersendiri . 
(ecececece skema giler ayat kan ) .
ok sambung .
pengalaman setiap orang itu berbeza . so no need to talk much about experiences I think. It's different for each person . really different .
well ,pengalaman tue sendiri gives us very big effect sebenarnye . for everytime it's happened . 
maybe from that experience , we get more stronger , more independent or more brave than before . 
otherwise , from that experiences , we can be hurt , deeply too .and maybe got scared . scared becoz dont want it to be happen again .

well , when we talk about experience , you just can't talk about it as you know how it is .
you will never know it until u face it . 
you can't get it just by look or heard from other .
you have to feel it .
or you know nothing !

hurmm now I have a little bit circumferences in my frenship . that's experience too right ?
owh wae ? 
hurmm biasa lah . sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit , inikan kita manusia kan . but honestly it's hurt me . bcoz I do really loves them . 
hurrmmm we still LOVE ourselves even after doing MANY MISTAKE , then how can we HATE others for their SINGLE MISTAKE kan?

# kamu paling KUAT andai kamu bisa MEMAAFKAN meskipun kamu mampu MEMBALASNYA :D . so , forget it kema n try to get back like before . INSYA-ALLAH ! #

tapi kan I'm not that strong . I'm not strong as I thought . and I'm crying again . kakak kate ,
"xpe syg , nges je . that's ur way . u will cry , u will down today , but then , u will stand up and walk straight again . I know it already . U will never let urself down forever . u will stand up and get stronger whatever happen . I know that n U should too ."
# thanks kakak . saranghae #

sejujurnya ,
I want to be strong .
saya nak jadi TAHAN LASAK / KENTAL!
 macam DIAMOND . 
# Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do. #

one more thing !
sekarang ni hati kema xnak langsung dgr ckp kema tau !
ish DEGIL !
I tell to not do that , but it don't want to hear me n still do it !
without my permission !
hahahahahhaha !

tetibe ter'pop up ' satu soklan ney .
what will u do if u and ur bestfren like the same person ?
what will u do ?
hurmm I step back until he become mine !
sebab kite xtau apa dalam hati dia kan .
kita xtau ape yang dia rse kan .
and xconfirm pown he's mine kan .
so , just keep it first .
until the times comes .
but honestly I dont want to loss the great person like him .
hehehehehehe .

when you stop searching the PRINCE of your heart and make ALLAH as the king of your heart . Surely, HE will complete your FAIRYTALE . 

# is BOYS OVER FLOWER really exist in this REAL world ? :D #

Friday, 5 April 2013

aRABiAn nIGHt - SRM's DiNnEr !

# first trial pakai niqab #

# just take noted that I love both of u . a lot ! #

# opsss not ready yet ! sabar2 nk betolkan shawl ney jap ! #

#my fav picture . with ain ! #

# xsuka gambar ney sebab nmpak pendek .! #

 # ichi , ni , san ! buat muka ! #

# king of the night ~ yang tgah2 tue ye #

# senior2 SRM . sume kepala gila2 . tpi yang penting , sporting ! #

 # barisan MT SRM #

# kamera ! so just cmile ! #

# with anis najwa @ mcm gurlz korea dah kema tengok #

# ain , aini , ayue #

# nadz .  dgn keceriaan dye lah #

# asal gmbar kami bertiga je mesti tak jadi . hurmm :( #

# kema , Be a strong girl that everyone knew would make it through 

the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do 

anything, be that independent girl who didnt need to rely on anyone 

but herself to make it, be that girl who never backed down ! #


# I'll be  a strong girl, Even with tears falling down my wet cheek, I 

can still say those 2 words, I'm fine. even I'm gembeng as what my 

johorian friend said @ always cries , but then I will stand and keep 

walking . tears are just the words waiting to be written .

so dont worry . I'll be fine . I'll smile , laugh and be happy as I am . 

It's just the way I am .#

# kakak kema ckp , Nabilah Hussin . 
" kema dah mcm puteri    . PINK ! yang penting gelang tetap ada . "
hehehhehe .
well saya memang puteri ISLAM pun . 
yang pasal gelang tue , no comment !

Monday, 1 April 2013

~aku suka dia ~

There 's no need to rush !

If something is meant to be ,

it will happen .

In the right time ,

with the right person ,

for the best reason !

becoz once u fallen , u will keep fallen even if u do not want to !

if u can't get someone off your mind , maybe they're suppose to be there .
remember !
"The mind can recognize what the heart is trying to deny "
# hont┼Źdesu ka ? #
psst2 ~ mentang2 la belajar bahasa japanese , amboi3 ~
hurmm just need to practise it .
hehehehe .