Friday, 9 January 2015

"BOYS OVER FLOWERS" ~ my own fairytales

Is boys over flowers really exist I this real world???
That’s was my question since I watch the drama.
Its soooooooo fantastic..
I hope that I will fall in love with both gu jun pyo and ji hoo.
Yes I want both of them in my storyline
Tamak kan..
Tak la…

I want to be love by jun pyo,
Who will always fight for my best
Who will get jelez easily when see me good with other guys
Even he need to sacrifies and hurt me,but after all,its just for my best bcoz he loves me!

I want to be care by someone like ji hoo
Always be my fire fighter.
Always save my life.
Always appear when my emergency bell in my heart ring.
Always be my side
Just like a sibling.
Kema’s honourable fire fighter!
Who will always talk about me with a smile
Who is soo warm to the point even the person looking at him melts
but Who’s that???
jeng jeng jeng~

Ya it just a drama..
But I didn’t expect that I will really have one.
But out of sudden,
I have them!
Tetbe muncul watak ji hoo  tue..
Waaahhh unbelievable tau..

But I didn’t know until when it will keep happen,
Ya,its reality kema not drama.
So wake up..!!
Don’t expect much or u will hurt..
I’m really happy to have a brother..
Just like a sunbae..

# but thats what I felt a year ago. but now I think I got the one .<3


  1. Nak dengar lagu kt video tu tapi blog ni ada background music -_-"

  2. I have put the link there for u =)